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Author Interviews & Articles

Author interviews & Articles:

Beatrix & Fred (2023)


A Million Things (2021)

Author Interviews and Articles - Beatrix & Fred

A cuppa with Meredith Jaffe

Author Interviews & Articles - A Million Things

The following author interviews and articles relate to A Million Things but, as is the way with these things, Emily was writing Beatrix & Fred whilst undertaking these - so some are a little Beatrix & Fred too. See esp. The Booktopian article... ;-)

Writers Digest

Melbourne Writers Festival - Podcast

MWF Podcast series - Left Behind: 

Join two of 2021's most impressive debut novelists, Sophie Overett and Emily Spurr, as they talk about capturing the confusion, grief and resilience of characters grappling with the disappearance of loved ones

The Inside Flap

ABC Radio National: The Book Show

2SER - Final Draft

Andrew Pople interviews Emily Spurr about A Million Things

Interview Part 1

 Interview Part 2 (spoilers)

Final Draft Radio interview

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